Branding Must Haves for Local Business

March 5th, 2013 → 2:48 pm @

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Branding must-haves for local businesses:

  1. logo
  2. website

You have a logo, but no website?

Or your website is outdated?

Or worse yet, your website does not make your local business any money?

contact Covertise:

  • Covertise Branding Services ($2500+)
  • Too much? Can refer your local business to a junior graphic designer and/or entry level web designer ($500+)

No logo, no website?

  • High-end web designers (i.e. ones that can actually design websites that will make money for your local business) will not even talk with you! They are too busy…
  • And why should they? You are probably not living on the same planet as the rest of the world. Doing business without a website is for people that think of websites as a cost or expense, not an investment…
  • However if you know a kind soul who is plugged in, you may be able to find an an entry level web designer that you can talk with, but probably not because these guys are very busy working the endless supply of web projects that do not produce a return on investment (ROI) or they are smart and have hooked up with high end firm that provides steady web design work on behalf of clients or internal projects.


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