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My partner is ready to spend around $2500 for a 4 page web page. We would rather pay you because we want to do more with you down the road. Would you be interested?

Covertise receives requests like this every week. Sounds exciting, but these are not ordinary websites that only take a few minutes to design and build. These are actually well planned marketing sub-systems that make money for our clients.

Buy or Die — Small Business Marketing Process

small business web designs that make money

The process is really quite simple.

Prospects are converted into leads which are then marketed to until they become customers or they opt out (buy or die).

While we invested deeply into our web design capabilities, it is sales and marketing leverage that we can wield on behalf of our clients that captures the imagination.

Business Websites as Branding

Web design is branding. And the best web designs pay for themselves when positioned as the center of a marketing campaign. Otherwise web design is just another annoying expense i.e. cost of doing business.

For our clients, we position web design as the secondary, but necessary investment to ensure that marketing campaigns do not fall flat. Sales and marketing campaigns are where the money is made. However profits can not be fully appreciated with basic websites that lack the critical elements needed to feed the “marketing funnel”.

So before we start marketing campaigns on behalf of clients, we review their business website. It is quite challenging to have a conversation with a business owner that does not even have a business website. We have even heard of one business owner proudly recite the mantra, “Website? I don’t have one. I don’t need one. So I do not want one. How do you like that?”

For business owners that actually understand the value without much convincing, we often recommend that they revamp the business website to improve prospect-to-customer conversion ratios, allow prospects to read basic information to “sell themselves” or more simply improve or facilitate the customer buying experience.

Business Websites That Make Money

business website make money

The general idea is that when a business already has a website that makes money, everyone will know because success can be measured easily. Customers visit the website and stick around by taking some predetermined action like picking up the phone to call, filling out a contact form or buying a hot product. We call these direct response websites.

A little tip for business owners:

If you can not systematically trace new client acquisition through your website, or worse yet if you intuitively know that your website is not a true reflection of your business and is literally scaring away new customers, then take action immediately.

Protect your investments in business marketing.

Defend profitability.

Market to Your Entrepreneurial Strengths

We have helped entrepreneurs revamp business marketing operations to turn around the trend of “wasted leads”. That is, business owners spend money on marketing or advertising, but when prospective customers actually visit the business website, these prospects become frustrated in their experience and do not hesitate to click away — never to return.

  • Investments wasted
  • Profits lost
  • Business owners jaded

And these same entrepreneurs may later conclude, “marketing does not work”. Which is really a shame because this is the proverbial missed opportunity.

The reality is that you have to build a well-oiled prospecting machine with your website at the center. See Chapter 48, “Boomerang Marketing” in the book Small Business Marketing Tips by Colin Mack.

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