How to deal with Yahoo e-mail hacked again

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yahoo email hacked

I have received three messages from friends and family this year regarding hacked Yahoo e-mail accounts.

Once the Yahoo e-mail account has been hacked, the hacker takes control of the account and then proceeds to send spam in the name of the account holder.

Almost all e-mail hacking happens because of weak passwords. Hackers write computer programs to “guess” your password. They then try to log into your account hundreds of times per minute with different username/password combinations.

Web-based e-mail account hacking is not just limited to Yahoo. G-mail, the other major e-mail provider, does not have a good reputation either when it comes to hacked e-mail accounts.

Other than weak passwords, most other e-mail hacking happens because of software viruses installed on your computer without your knowledge. These are called trojans. Your risk profile is also increased if you check e-mail from public/shared devices.

Here are some tips for what to do when your Yahoo e-mail account gets hacked:

  1. Use strong password. Here is a strong password generator: You can adjust the strength higher or lower, but I recommend that you use a difficult to remember/guess password as per the link to the password generator.
  2. Virus protection software. In fact, if your e-mail account has been hacked, it may be because you have a trojan/virus software installed on one or more of your computers from which you check mail. Trojan software is distributed like a virus and installs on your computer. Trojans capture your keystrokes and then phones home to the hacker who then uses your credentials to log into your e-mail account.

If you have hacked Yahoo accounts, you should immediately check your devices for viruses. And then strengthen your credentials with strong passwords.

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