Install Anti-Spam Web App for Covertise Website Management Clients

December 31st, 2014 → 1:47 pm @

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  • Install new anti-spam app to the website
  • Complimentary to Covertise Gold Website Management customers


  • Completed



  • We have noticed a sharp increase in spam e-mail messages slipping through the filters on the website.
  • You too may have noticed more e-mail solicitations via the website.
  • We attempt to be as proactive as possible.
  • So we developed a new anti spam app and have installed it onto the website.
  • We designed this app to block marketers from using the website’s “contact us” form. Marketers will often abuse the contact us form by messaging “business owners” with their solicitations.
  • Receiving too many junk messages means that you might just miss an important message from a prospective or existing customer.
  • So it is always best to turn down the volume to something manageable.
  • This should help…

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